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                   Wuxi Kunpeng Technology, Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.              ADDRESS:No.1,YongDingXiang, Wuxi

                   TEL:86-510-82750743 82762978                                       FAX:86-510-82715897

One of National Top 10 Honesty Companies Satisfying Customers with Excellent Products Qualities

Brief Introduction of Company

     Wuxi Kunpeng Technology Manufacture and Trade Co., Ltd.,whose former name was Wuxi Scientific Commission Scientific and Technological Development Center, was founded in 1997 and concentrated on developing and exploring products since 1980s. It was an industrial company with an integration of scientific research and development, industrial production and trade.
    The Company had passed the ISO9001: 2000 International Quality System Certification. It was awarded One of National Top 10 Honesty Companies Satisfying Customers with Excellent Products Qualities by China Enterprise Credit Association in 2003; listed in the key units for publicizing on International Day for Protecting Consumers’ Rights. 2005 China Energy Conservation Association to become the fifth member of the Council units. China's product quality supervision was investigating Chinese products included in the centre of Quality Supervision Centre member units. Wuxi City in 2006 won the best production and research cooperation projects second prize.
    Based on strong economic strength, advanced technology and technical support from Southeast University, the Company, with honesty, excellent products qualities and after-sale service, had obtained widespread popularity both at home and abroad.
   The Company is mainly engaged in the production of Hui Shi Tong Delayed Action Activator for clearing boiler ash, Detergent and Efficient,Coal Saving Desulfurizer.
Products, given thermal efficiency test and job evaluation of end users, was proved to have increased thermal efficiency by3%-15% compared with the past. It is calculated that it could help users to save fuel expense of about RMB 5800-60000per year when the boiler burns one ton coal. It is proved to be the high efficient energy saving





product with reliable quality and advanced energy saving technology. These products are key promoting products of the following units: China Energy Conservation Association, China Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center,Wuxi Economy and Trade Commission, Wuxi Energy Research Institute, Energy Saving Technology Service Center and Fuel Saving Office. Therefore, considering current shortage of energy and high prices of energy, it was an ideal option to choose Hui Shi Tong Delayed Action Activator, Detergent and Desulfurizer, which required you little money while achieved evident effects.
These products had been recognized by peoples from all circles, and had been awarded many titles.

1、Recognized as high and new technology product of Jiangsu Province by Jiangsu Science and Technology Bureau in 2005.

2、Passed job evaluation at provincial level for scientific and technological products in 2005.
3、Patented products accepted by national authority in 2005.
4、Key products promoted by China Energy Conservation Association in 2005.
5、Awarded Reliable Brand in accordance with national standard by China Products Quality Supervision and Inspection Center in 2005.
6、Listed in the key products for quality following protection by China Products Quality Supervision and Inspection Center in 2005.
7、Recognizing as a Key Brand of the first group of Chinese environmental protection products with reliable quality in 2002.
8、Recommended as environment-friendly technical products by US-EECCN in 2001.
9、Awarded a Silver Metal of national new products in 1992.
10、Listed in the new products plan of Jiangsu Province Planning and Economy Commission in 1991.
11、Listed in the key energy saving products for promotion by Wuxi Economy commission over the past years.
  More information is available at the website page of the Company. See Video (only for broad band user). There are reports of Wuxi TV, Technology Foresight TV and Suzhou TV as well as interviews of users in the video. (May also see the VCD provided by the Company).
Our Slogan: Stress quality today, we will be popular tomorrow; persistent improvement, eternal innovation. 
Kindly welcome friends from all circles to Wuxi to negotiate business. 

Reports of some users                              Contact Person: Zhu Dejun

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